ShenZhen XinHaiWang Technology Co., LTD

About Us


ShenZhen XinHaiWang Technology Co., Ltd.  is a research, design and manufacturing rubberproducts company. Now we have been in business for more 10 years, our manyproducts are well-known in industries. We supply low cost and high-qualityrubber products always, you can get what you want to rubber and silicone partshere easy. Quick response and good service for our customers is our tenet. (深圳市鑫海旺科技有限公司是一家集研发和生产于一体的橡胶科技公司. 我们在此领域已有10多年的经验,我们的很多产品已闻名于许多工业,我们总是提供质优价廉的橡胶制品,在这里你可以很容易的找到你所要的橡胶和硅胶制品。迅速反应和好的服务给到我们客人是我们的理念。)

Ourproducts are used in wide variety of industries- auto, motorcycle, watch, homeappliance, water heater system, pump factory, air condition, medical device,hardware etc. Our main products: Compression mould/Transfer mould/InjectionMould/Rubber O-Ring/Rubber Gasket/Rubber Grommet/ Rubber Seal/Rubberbellow/Rubber bonded with metal or plastic/Silicone Keypad/ Silicone watchstrap. Because our professional technology, our customers spread all overglobal.我们的产品在以下领域得到广泛应用:汽车、摩托车、手表、家用电器、热水系统、水泵厂、空调厂、医疗设备、五金器具。我们的主要产品有:橡胶挤压模具、灌注模具、注射模具、O形密封圈、橡胶垫圈、橡胶、橡胶密封件、橡胶套、橡胶包五金或塑胶件、硅胶按键、硅胶手表。由于我们专业技术,我们的客户遍布全球。)

Ourcapabilities and services:我们的能力和提供的服务)

  • Design andmix rubber compound(橡胶配方的设计和混练)

  • Design andmake compression mould/transfer mould/injection mould (橡胶挤压模具灌注模具注射模具的设计与制造)

  • Customizerubber and silicone products(定制各种橡胶和硅胶制品)

  • Customizesilicone liquid silicone rubber injection mould and Products, our liquidsilicone injection working shop is clean room, suit for making siliconecomponents of medical device and food contact.(定制液态硅胶模具和制品,我们有无尘车间,可以生产高要求的医疗设备和食品接触配件)

  • Printingand painting: we have dust free room, can print and paint different color.(可以进行不同颜色的丝印和喷油)

  • Coating:Run various coating on rubber or silicone product surface. (可以对橡胶和硅胶表面进行喷涂)